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Browse our high-quality marijuana weed flowers and experience the convenience of our online dispensary Canada.


The best selling weed edibles like cookies, brownies, cakes, gummies, lollipops and sparkling beverages.

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Twisted Extracts & Concentrated weed like hashwaxshatterbudderdabsblack glass and ear wax.


WeedToBuy is a Canadian online dispensary that makes it simple to buy weed online in Canada!


We have the largest variety of high quality premium mail order marijuana products, edibles, concentrates and more. Browse the best products from our online shop. Add products to your cart and complete the secure checkout process.


Interac Etransfer is the safest and easiest method for buying weed online in Canada. Send your payment via secure Interac eTransfer. FREE shipping for orders over $250.


We discreetly package your order for delivery by Canada Post Xpresspost and send a tracking number via e-mail. If we do not receive the payment for your order in the next 24 hours, your order will be cancelled.

Latest Reviews

I must say a great thing about the flowers I ordered from this dispensary…”Incredibleness Delicious”

Alex / Ontario

Great straight pineapple express smell and good quality Sativa strain. It’s a good morning strain, but also good for night time smokers too. You can’t have a bad time with Pineapple Express. You should try it!

Jacky / Vancouver

This one has a really nice taste, when done at the right temperature. Pulls smooth and provides a great body high. The small plastic container in is available in is nice too.

Mike / British Columbia

Some of my friends recommended me to mail order marijuana online with discreet packaging from I gave them a try first time. I’m a big fan of Purple Kush. I ordered a bunch of Purple Kush strain. I’m excited to go high! 

Alex / Toronto

This is my 7th order from and I want to thank them every time for their fast fulfillment. Also for the high quality flowers they sell. is absolute the best dispensary for me!

Carmelo / Montreal

As a marijuana fan, I was always going to buy my strains outside but I got recommended by my friend for WeedToBuy and they impressed me. I left buying low quality strains outside from the streets. I buy the best strains from this website!

Alice / Ottawa

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