5 Ways to Take Medical Marijuana


Five smokeless ways of using medical marijuana 

Syqe Medical, a Tel Aviv-based company, developed a pocket-sized inhaler that could be produced in 3-D printing, allowing doctors to fully determine the appropriate dose of medical ones. This method is currently being used at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa.


A marijuana gum, which struggles with gastroenterological disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is being developed by AXIM Biotech. IBS causes many pain like stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea.


Many doctors advocate suppositories as the ideal method of use for medical ones. Suppositories are faster than marijuana taken by cigarettes and foods. Cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the rectum. This method, in which the psychoactive effect is minimized, is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of “medical hemp Ps.


CannaNeb, a San Diego-based company, launched its first nebulizer, one of the cleanest methods of medical ones. The product is made of glass and metal that does not contain rubber or plastic. This nebulizer is portable, affordable and odorless.

Leather Band

Kannabis Science Inc. developed a tape to test fibromyalgia and other neurological diseases such as diabetic neuropathy. These bands, which have the same logic as the nicotine bands, allow the cannabinoids to quickly enter the bloodstream. The bands contain different ratios of THC and CBD depending on the disease to be treated.

Medical Marijuana


As new research adds to the established efficacy of medical marijuana, preferred treatment methods are likely to evolve.

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