In Quebec, cannabis as eldorado of professional reorientation


The legalization of recreational marijuana ( cannabis )

In Canada, the legalization of recreational marijuana last October has opened up a promising market. Reportage in Quebec, where many entrepreneurs have embarked on production.

In the manner of tourist attractions, the location is signposted on the signs that line the road, icy at will by the Canadian winter. Soon follow ads advertising the quality of tomatoes. They are the ones who contributed to the reputation of Serres Bertrand, located in Mirabel, about fifty kilometers northeast of Montreal. In twenty-seven years of business, Stéphane Bertrand, the owner of 65,000 square meters of greenhouses, has emerged as the largest producer of pink tomatoes in North America. The family farm has become an SME employing a hundred people. But from this past, there remains today only a shop. It offers, among other products of the soil, the famous pink tomatoes – now grown a hundred kilometers away.

cannabis canada
cannabis canada

What can drive a business owner to draw a line on a building built for a quarter of a century? The call for a new market, recreational cannabis, legalized in Canada on October 17th. To become a major producer, the entrepreneur joined late 2017 with Canopy Growth, a giant of therapeutic marijuana. At the time, Stéphane Bertrand justified this association:

“I think my skills will serve them. And what they like marketing network is something I do not know, hence my interest to embark with them in this adventure there.”

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