“I inform you that cannabis in France is still forbidden sir!”


A DAY AT THE PALAIS. Every week, the “Obs” sits on the bench of a courtroom. Anywhere in France Any day. And no matter the nature of crimes and offenses. “Where were you born when and where?”, Launches the president just sitting and relieved of thick files. The defendant is from the region, he is […]

Cannabis is now legal in Canada

cannabis canada

Canada becomes the second state in the world to allow recreational marijuana. After almost a century of prohibition, Canada became Wednesday, October 17 the first G20 country to legalize recreational cannabis. A historic reform expected across the country, both by the consumers of this soft drug and by the stock markets, euphoric. From midnight local […]

Buy Weed Online in the world

cannabis - buy weed online

High Demand for Buy Weed Online in the world Weed is a savior for patients suffering from severe pain. After the release of the medical Weed in Germany, intense demand cannot be reached. Weed (Cannabis) had been debated on the legalization of the use of medicines in Germany. The legal regulation for quality buy-weed online […]

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