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About Us

Canadian Affordable Medical Marijuana Products
Decades of Experience
We have been producing cannabis products for three decades. Indoor, outdoor, extracts, edibles, we have done it all and know the best methods which result in a superior, healthier product experience.
Most Affordable Cannabis Products
We offer simply the most affordable cannabis products out there. Why pay more? Some producers charge 5-6-7-20X times as much as CAMMP. It’s not fair to medical users to overpay for your cannabis medication! For example – many producers charge $4/gram for SHAKE! CAMMP – $0.25/g. I mean really $4 a gram for shake? Shake your head. CAMMP is here for you.
High Quality Ingredients
We use only the best, time-tested ingredients in our cannabis flowers, extracts and edibles. Don’t trust “johnny come lately” websites and producers who have no idea what they are doing.
High Potency Edibles
Our edibles and cannabudder are only the highest potency products available. Many producers and dispensaries push low-grade low-potency overpriced products that waste your time and money. Max out your medical experience with CAMMP.
The Real Deal
The cannabis industry and upcoming legalization have been hyped up and overblown. Everybody seems to be pushing cannabis stocks, products, information and get-rich-quick schemes. Especially odious are snake oil cannabis salespeople claiming they can cure cancer quickly with hyper doses of THC. Frankly many of these people know nothing about the industry and are manipulating the public with misinformation. Cannabis can always help, but never choose only an alternative therapy when dealing with serious illnesses. TRUST CAMMPs experience we will never mislead or misrepresent our products.


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  • Rolling Papers
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Price Range


295 results found

Zombie Kush AA – AAA

  • 14G $
  • 7G
  • 3.5G
Categories: Flower
THC %: 20% - 21%


  • 14G $
Categories: Flower
THC %: 15%
CBD %: 1%

Wormy Gummies 200mg

Categories: Edibles
THC %: 200mg

Weed Graphic Beanie

  • Black $22.50
  • Camouflage $30.00
Categories: Accessories

Wedding Cake AAA+

  • 28G $
  • 14G
  • 7G
Categories: Flower
THC %: 25%

Waterpipe Parts Kit

Categories: Accessories

Watermelon Gummies 200mg

Categories: Edibles
THC %: 200mg

Volcano Hybrid w/Android Control

Categories: Accessories

Volcano Classic with Starter Kit

Categories: Accessories

Violator Kush AAA+

  • 7G $45.00
Categories: Flower
THC %: 19% - 23%
CBD %: 2%

Viking Beard Oil

Categories: bath

Vertex Pen 400 mAh Variable Voltage 510 Thread

  • Red $
  • Silver
  • White
  • Blue
  • Rock
Categories: Vape

Vertex Pen 280 mAh Automatic (Buttonless) 510 Thread Kit

  • Red $10.00
  • Silver $10.00
  • Blue $10.00
  • Black $10.00
Categories: Accessories