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About Us

At Forbidden Fruit Collective, we have restored the meaning of pure Cannabis.

From our organic variety of the best FLOWERS in Canada, our laboratory produced EDIBLES, to our filler free DISTILLATE VAPE PENS, our medicated – botanically, HEMP derived CBD OILS, to our premium HASHISH from the lands of Mazar e Sharir, we have the absolute best of anything you are looking for – guaranteed.

Our cannabis stocks are house grown, and harvested at our top of the line facility – in the island of Burnaby, British Colombia. Our flowers are free of plant growth hormones, synthetic sprays and GMO additives. We have assessed our market competition (literally tried every single one), no service in the GTA serves untainted flower.


We are the last of our kind; the greatest in our market.


Growing organic marijuana is not any harder than growing using chemicals. However, producing quality and potent organic marijuana takes years worth of experience for our seasoned growers. When cultivating organic marijuana, not only are you protecting the environment from synthetic additives, you are also preventing your ingestion of these harmful chemicals. Organically grown medical marijuana yields healthier, vigorous growth with more bountiful harvest and doesn’t have that harsh synthetic aftertaste that comes with non-organically grown weed.

Lastly, our deals and promotions are budgeted to students, all classes and elderly alike – whatever it is you are looking for, we have the best market product in that category, available for you.





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  • Mushroom Tea
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  • Pet
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Resin
  • Samplers
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  • Shrooms
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