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About Us

Your friendly neighborhood marijuana delivery service. It’s a KIND time.

We are Kind Flowers Toronto’s Premium Cannabis Products delivery service with over 200 menu items. We’re an experienced online marijuana dispensary and we deliver all orders in a smell-proof, discreet package straight to your door. Proudly Canadian and happy to always serve you.

Our Vision

Here at Kind Flowers we strive to provide outstanding cannabis quality, kind compassionate customer service, and value in everything you buy. With each delivery, we promise to take the stress out of your day with an easy to navigate menu and ordering system.

Our Approach

Our goal is to be KIND by leaving each client with long-lasting positive feeling of satisfaction. We achieve this by sourcing the purest buds we can find, finding great pricing to pass forward to clients and reshaping your experience via customer feedback.

Our Mission

We here at KIND FLOWERS know how important each and every client is to us therefore we promise to always have a customer service that is trained in KINDNESS . We strive to efficiently and compassionately revolutionize the cannabis industry with quality bud ,great value and simplified services to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

We Pledge

Every client will see how professional we are with our discreet packaging , our prices , our Top Quality Products and prompt customer service. You will then know you are dealing with a reputable company that has your best interests at heart. We are a small business that supports other small businesses which in return helps support local craft growers and families.


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Price Range


170 results found

Sherbert 1G Live Resin By Natures Harvest (Indica)

  • 7g $210.00
  • 4g $140.00
  • 2g $75.00
  • 1g $40.00
Categories: Concentrates

Shake (Low End) Back In Stock

  • 28G $50.00
Categories: Flower

Shake (High End)

  • 28G $100.00
  • 14G $60.00
Categories: Flower

Sativa Pre Rolls 1.2g(AAAA)

Categories: Flower

Runtz Premium Shatter By Honey Badger Extracts

  • 4g $180.00
  • 2g $100.00
  • 1g $55.00
Categories: Concentrates

Romeo Afghan Hash (AAAA)

  • 28g $320.00
  • 14g $170.00
  • 7g $90.00
  • 3.5g $50.00
  • 2g $30.00
  • 1g $20.00
Categories: Concentrates

Rip N Go Orange

Categories: Accessories

Rip N Go OG Pen Green

Categories: Accessories

Red Eye Cherry Blasters 400mg THC 1 For 20$ OR…

Categories: Edibles
THC %: 400mg

Raw Filter Tips

Categories: Accessories