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Product Description

  1. Vape

THC %: 87%

This chic box set lets you live the entire PICO experience and comes complete with PICO’s high-quality rechargeable battery vape pen, a 500mg (0.5g) cartridge filled with 87% THC organic distillate, and a handy USB charger.

Designed for optimal, discreet vaping, the adjustable wattage dial on the base of the pen allows you to adjust the temperature, giving you full control over flavour intensity and vapour density. The adjustable air-flow vent (on the battery, just below where a cartridge screws in) allows for additional customization of your smoking experience. When fully charged, the PICO rechargeable vape pen can last up to a full week.

PICO cartridges are designed with four airflow holes to allow for maximum inhalation, and are made with high-grade surgical steel, Pyrex glass, and third generation Swiss-made ceramic coil. The THC distillate is made from 100% organic BC bud, and our flavours are derived from cannabis plant essential oils (terpenes). We use our patented five-step extraction process to ensure the highest quality product available, and we guarantee the highest potency and smoothest vape experience on the market.

This is a 510 thread count rechargeable battery vape pen, designed to fit perfectly with PICO’s 500mg (0.5g) Distillate Vape Cartridges and PICO’s 1000mg (1g) Distillate Vape Cartridges, however it can also connect with other industry-standard cartridges.

87% THC
  • One elegant, high-end 500mah, 510 thread battery (vape pen) with an adjustable wattage dial on the bottom to control temperature
  • One 500mg (0.5g) 87% THC distillate filled cartridge
  • One USB adapter for charging
  1. Screw the distillate cartridge onto the rechargeable vape pen.
  2. Adjust the temperature by turning the wattage dial at the bottom of the pen to the left or right. Turn left to lower the temperature, right for higher. Start with the lowest setting (2W). Wattage options range from 2W to 10W.
  3. To turn the vape pen on and off, press the button 5 times fast. Press and hold the button to inhale the PICO Experience.
  4. To charge the battery, unscrew the cartridge and screw in the USB charger. Plug into any USB port to begin charging. A full charge can last up to one week.

PICO was born out of the desire to provide consumers with a high-end, organic vaping product. Dissatisfied with the cheap quality of what was available on the market, PICO was determined to create a superior vaping experience.

PICO’s five-step distillation process ensures that the product is free of pesticides, solvents, and all other harsh chemicals, and allows the product to retain the highest percentage of THC and cannabis essential oils (terpenes). The marijuana used to make the distillate is tested for pesticide and THC percentage before the distillation process begins.

PICO uses the best ceramic coil heating system available, cartridges are made of glass (not plastic!), and the distillate is 100% organic.

Pure. Intense. Certified. Organic.
PICO: Experience the difference

Learn more about PICO at purepico.ca
Follow PICO on Instagram @pure.pico


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