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Therapeutic cannabis: the drug agency wants an experiment before the end of 2019


Several routes of administration are under study ( cannabis ) : sprays, inhalation, capsules, drops … The Agence du Medecine (ANSM) hopes that an experimentation of therapeutic cannabis could be put in place before the end of 2019, under conditions to be defined, she announced Thursday, December 27. The ANSM made this announcement two weeks […]

In Quebec, cannabis as eldorado of professional reorientation


The legalization of recreational marijuana ( cannabis ) In Canada, the legalization of recreational marijuana last October has opened up a promising market. Reportage in Quebec, where many entrepreneurs have embarked on production. In the manner of tourist attractions, the location is signposted on the signs that line the road, icy at will by the […]

“I inform you that cannabis in France is still forbidden sir!”


A DAY AT THE PALAIS. Every week, the “Obs” sits on the bench of a courtroom. Anywhere in France Any day. And no matter the nature of crimes and offenses. “Where were you born when and where?”, Launches the president just sitting and relieved of thick files. The defendant is from the region, he is […]

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